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Guided Path Counseling, LLC

Leah Bonde-Langenfeld, Licensed Professional Counselor My passion is promoting healing for adolescent and adult clients by going beneath the surface to gain a deeper understanding and resolution of the concerns that lead them to therapy. I believe in the importance of exploring the brain-body connection with those I work with to improve brain and body health, and ultimately mental health.

I have specialized training and experience in working with individuals who have experienced traumatic events. I use a trauma-focused approach and implement a variety of evidenced-based therapy modalities. When appropriate, I utilize EMDR with clients, a therapy modality that is effective for those who have experienced traumatic or distressing life events, anxiety, depressed mood, and a variety of other concerns. I believe that healing can only occur in an environment that is honest, respectful, supportive, and safe. I strive to create this in every interaction with those who choose to work with me.

Leah can be reached at: 920-286-2203.

 Ryan Groh, Licensed Professional Counselor/Owner/Clinical Director of Guided Path Counseling, LLC. I enjoy working with adult clients who have struggled with depression, self-esteem/worth, anxiety, and/or divorce. Philosophically speaking, I believe it is equally important to address an individual at their core, rather than simply treat "symptoms." Metaphorically speaking, You can clip a branch, but without the care of the "trunk" the tree is not truly taken care of. 

Availability: I am currently not accepting new clients at this time.